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Welcome to Sweetie's! We are officially open for your coffee shopping experience!

We are only just beginning. We just don't know coffee...we know great coffee...coffee that will make you drift into deep thought with every sip. 

We offer the freshest, boldest, most flavorful coffee around! 




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Sweetie's History
In honor of our great-grandmother Earlean Banks affectionately  known as "Sweetie"

Sweetie's coffee is a family coffee. Our bold flavors and blends will make coffee at home a memorable one. 


Sweetie was a loving and light-hearted grandmother with an infectious laugh, who made sweet memories with her grandchildren over coffee. It was at Sweetie's home where each of her great-grandchildren grabbed their favorite mug, sat at her table, and laughed over a hot cup of coffee percolated over the stove.


Sweetie's memory still lives on. With every cup brewed, with every story shared over the table, and with every moment spent over coffee, we honor her memory.


Cheers to Sweetie! 

Our coffee line is a gourmet line of offerings. We roast our beans using Costa Rica and Columbian blends.


Whether you like a bold blend, a splash of flavor, or just a great house coffee, we have you covered!


Cheers to working at home parents, entrepreneurs, students, the retired, the tired, and everyone in between, our coffee is for you.